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A really nice community on pinterest, sharing pattern and awesome stitching projects!!

Beautiful crochetted pillow!!! I love it!

Really usefull tips!!


Mercato Bello @ Ostello Bello
Edizione 8 - speciale Saldi!

via Medici 4, Milano 

h 12-21

Con me ci sarà Ilaria Roglieri




I love this. This is how I feel about crochet — every, single, day.

Häkeln als Allheilmittel!


50-60 bags to turn into plarn #plarn #plasticyarn #plastic

Free Adorable Scarf pattern

Really nice stitch to try!!!

Free beautiful Lampshade pattern

I found these beautifull lampshade patters I was looking for for a long time!!I love them!!


Black hat with red ribbon

Handmade with light 100% wool